Service Level Agreements

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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Over the years Primary PC Solutions have steadily built a solid reputation for providing robust support services to Businesses from many market sectors and we are constantly striving to improve on the ways we do this.

In addition to our standard support services we are proud to be able to offer the Primary PC Solutions Service Level Agreement for Business (S.L.A). In a nutshell, for a fixed monthly fee, we work with you to pro-actively manage your Companies ICT network which leaves you free to concentrate on your Business!

The benefits of an SLA are many but include the following:

  • Increased overall reliability of the system with less “downtime”
  • Enhanced user confidence in the system & increased utilisation
  • Increased Productivity with less time spent troubleshooting
  • Allows controlled budgeting for ICT expenditure
  • Advice on the introduction of latest technologies to enhance your Business’ effectiveness.
  • Peace Of Mind

So what does the SLA Package include/cover?

We have tried to make our SLA’s as complete as possible and we felt that the best way to achieve this was to offer total support via a number of methods. Initially a lot of potential problems can be eliminated before they occur pro-actively via the use of our automated maintenance software that monitors and maintains client computers. When problems do arise, we deal with them quickly and effectively with our remote access software and via good, old-fashioned telephone support! When this isn’t possible we’ll arrive promptly onsite to assess and rectify the problem.

SLA Core Components

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance carried out 24/7 on all Company Servers and/or on all critical workstations/laptops (i.e. Accounts PC, Staff Laptops etc) to enable the early detection and remedy of critical system faults.
  • Amongst a raft of other things maintenance is carried out in the background to ensure things like Antivirus Software is updating successfully and Microsoft patches are installed if appropriate.
  • Monthly Backup check – The Remote Monitoring will check that the backup has been successful on a daily basis, we will additionally check the validity of that backup to ensure that data being saved isn’t corrupt and unusable in the event of a disaster!
  • Lightning Fast Remote Access Support and friendly staff at the end of a telephone.
  • Priority Response
  • Regular Consultancy – advice and meetings.

In addition to all the above features, our SLA customers also benefit from price reductions for any additional labour incurred such as new equipment installations, disaster recovery and also discounts on new equipment purchased from us.

Let us concentrate on your ICT problems so you can concentrate on your Business!

Extra Services

In addition to the above services we can also offer many other products and services including;

  • Antivirus & Internet packages
  • Hosted Email Solutions such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Hosted Signatures & Disclaimers with Exclaimer
  • Offsite Cloud Backup for Servers & Workstations
  • Onsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Services